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445 pm december 3 a winter morning abandoned abstract accumulation actinella aftermath41 against air american among an evening in canyonlands antero apache arch arches arena array aspen aspen array aspen forest in fall aster aster silhouette autumn babble balanced balanced rock ball banner barn barn hinge before bells below between between seasons bierstadt bierstadt meadows birdsong bistort black black and white black canyon bloom blooming blossoms blue bluebell bob's vision book bosque bouquet brewing bristlecone broken broken handle brush bryce bud buffalo creek butte cabin cactus camping camping cabin candlestick candlestick tower overlook canyon canyon glow on a cottonwood canyonlands capitan caprock caprock flow carlsbad castle caverns celestial celestial ice fishing cerro cerro pedernal noche chatfield chelly chiming chute chute to the heavens claret claret cup claret cup territory cliff cliffs color colorado colorado camping colorado trail colors colors and texture columbine columbine train columbines columbines4 columbines5 columbines6 comes conductors continues contradistinction cottonwood cottonwood in winter country coveting coveting stone crane cranes cranes at dawn creek crestone cup dawn dead death december defoliaged del desert desert autumn did did it make a sound dipper done dreams driftwood dual dune dune abstract dune moonlight dune patterns dunes dusk dust edge elders elements enduring enduring the elements ethereal evening evening primrose fairy fall fall color on the south platte fall grasses falls february's fence fenced field fisher fishing flats floor flow flower flowers flyover fog foggy for a split second ford forest forest floor 1 forest floor 2 forget fork frost gentleness glow gnarly gold golden grand grand junction book cliffs grandeur grandeur before winter granite grasses grasses from sands great great sand dunes great sand dunes abstract 4 great sand dunes abstracts green green river overlook grove growth guadalupe guanella guanella pass gunnison handle has headwaters heaven's heavens heifer heifer in the field here hike hinge homestead homestead night homestead night ii horse horse tail hot hovenweep huddled ice imagery in color indian indian paintbrush infrequently into into the light iris irises joshua joshua tree silhouette joshua tree sunset junction june juniper kenosha kenosha pass lake last last light on a defoliaged cottonwood last lightin the canyon lichen licken life life among the redwoods life on the edge light lily limbo llimbo lower lower square top lake lowland lowland fall lupine make marigolds marsh marsh marigolds on a rainy day meadows meander meander to antero memory mesa mesmerized mesquite michigan migration monument moonlight moonrise moonrise 2215 moonset moonset in the dunes moose moose in gold morning morning on the pass morning warmth moss moss rock treasure moth mount evans mountains myer ranch myself national navajo nearing the end of fall night night hike noche not now old growth forest on the dunes on the ranch once once upon a forest once upon a time organ overlook oxbow oxbow sunset packard's paintbrush painted pair palace park parry's parry's primrose streamside pasque pasque flower pass pastel pastel evening patterns peak peaks pedernal pine pine valley pink pipe place platte play plum point pool portrait portrait of a yucca presiding primrose protected puddle purple quintessential racetrack racing radiance rainbow rainbow over the dunes rainy ranch ranch night ranchland ranchland in winter raven reach red red flower red flowers red rock radiance redwood redwoods reflection reflection in time relative remnants resting resting place returning to roost riding riding the wave rising river rjs photography rock roger j. shafer rosalie roses saddles saguaro sand sand dune arch presiding sands santa sculpture season seasons second sentries series shadow shadow play shadows ship shooting silhouette sleeps sleepy sleepy little town slipper smokey smokey sunset black canyon of the gunnision snag snag sculpture snag sculpture 1 snag sculpture 10 snag sculpture 11 snag sculpture 12 snag sculpture 13 snag sculpture 2 snag sculpture 3 snag sculpture 4 snag sculpture 5 snag sculpture 7 snag sculpture 8 snag sculpture 9 snag silhouette snag silhouette series41 snag silhouette series42 snag silhouette series43 snag silhouetter series38 solace solitude solo de gambel oak sound south south fork of the south platte south park south park irises south park summer evening south park winter space sphinx sphinx moth spider split spring spring hike spring willow springs sprung square star stargazing stargazing on the grand mesa stone storm streamside succession summer summer birdsong summer evening on guanella pass summer hike on kenosha pass sun sunday sunday morning sunflower sunflower at the dunes sunflower shadow sunflowers sunflowers at the dunes sunrise sunrise after the storm sunrise in the dunes sunset sunset glow sunset on rosalie peak sunset on the colorado trail termination termination dust on bierstadt territory teton tetons textures the bristlecone memory the cottonwood the dunes to myself the elders the end of a season the migraton continues the organ reflection the overlook the pair the raven the redwood forest the top of the dune field the woods there there once was a day three through space and time through the grove time time is relative tip tip of the brush tips top tower tower of babble towers town traffic train transformation transition transition to fall treasure tree under under the big dipper under the cottonwood upon upstream upstream a ways upvalley fall valley verde visited waiting wall warmth was wave ways westcliffe westcliffe barn with crestone peak while while the world sleeps white white sands whites sands yucca wild wild plum wild roses willow winter winter hike winter morning in the marsh winter solitude winter's winter's gentleness wintry wispy with a view of the painted wall with cranes woods woolly world yellowstone young yucca yucca blossums yucca in bloom yucca in the dunes yucca in white zion
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